Brave Leo's Legacy

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In this Dystopia the focal story is on Leo who is a brave man that stepped up to care for his aberrantly bulky family after his father passed away. Granting, in his world his family is actually common size. His mother barely cares for her family since her husband died, so all the pressure it put on Leo. Regardless of it being a burden, for Leo he handles it with exceptional maturity, as if he has been an adult since he was thirteen. Thirteen was a distinctive year for Leo because it was when he received a chip inserted into his wrist which was a tracking device for the government called the Bodhi. The central theme of the dystopia is that the Bodhi won the civil war and got rid of currency. The fine line between dystopia and utopia is that the Bodhi started out with noble intentions, but as the years progressed they began to become greedy and power hungry. By the time Leo is nearly an official adult the Bodhi have taken considerably from the families, so it is becoming increasingly tough to survive. For this reason, a rebellion is beginning to form called the Benjamin’s. Leo first learned about this group from a man who lives down the street from him who used to be a member of the Bodhi. This man left because he felt as if what the group was becoming was unethical. He exposes much of this information to Leo. This older male character is significant because he leads to Leo’s captivity later on. Despite having knowledge of the Bodhi, Leo has become complacent with life because

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