Brave New World 'And Gattaca'

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“ Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds”- Franklin D. Roosevelt. In traditional western stories, the audience is introduced to a relatable outsider with some sort of quirk. The whole story is about them overcoming their challenge that fate has dealt them whether it is societal norms, in the Disney adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or even technology, like in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. In both of those stories fate has dealt Quasimodo and The Creature to be horribly disfigured and treated as monsters by society. Both characters try, in their stories, to overcome what has been given to them. But what happens when there is no free will to overcome fate. In Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World and Andrew …show more content…

Citizens in both dystopias upper caste have more free will and have a better fate than lower caste citizens. The Alphas of Brave New World have more free will than Epsilons. “ ‘It’s an absurdity. An Alpha-decanted, Alpha-conditioned man would go mad if he had to do Epsilon Semi-Moron work. Go mad or start smashing things up’ “ (Huxley 222). Because of this, Alphas have more potential to become world controllers instead of being trash collectors. Mustapha Mond, who is an Alpha double plus, is a world controller. “ ‘ I was a pretty good physicist in my time. Too good-good enough to realize that all our science is just a cookery book, with the orthodox theory of cooking that nobody is allowed to question, and a list of that mustn’t be added to except by special permission from the head cook. I’m the head cook now. But I was an inquisitive young scullion once. I started doing a bit of cooking on my own. Unorthodox cooking, illicit cooking. A bit of real science, in fact.’ He was silent. ‘What happened?’ asked Helmholtz Watson. The controller sighed. ‘Very nearly what’s going to happen to you, young men. I was on the point of being sent to an island.’ “ (Huxley 225-226). By this time in Brave New World, Bernard, John, and Helmholtz are sat in front of one of the World Controller for rebelling. Helmholtz and Bernard are being threatened with being sent to an island because …show more content…

“The door of the lighthouse was ajar. They pushed it open and walked into a shuttered twilight. Through an archway on the further side of the room, they could see the bottom of the staircase that led up to the higher floors. Just under the crown of the arch dangled a pair of feet. ‘Mr. Savage!’ Slowly, very slowly, like two unhurried compass needles, the feet turned towards the right; north, north-east, east, southeast, south, south-south-west; then paused, and, after a few seconds, turned as unhurriedly back towards the left. South-south-west, south, southeast, east” (Huxley). John the Savage was not born and raised in the World State. Even though the society wants him to conform to their orgy rituals and polygamous relationships, John believes that their free-will is gone and he can’t conform. In the end, John hangs himself. He couldn’t find a way to accept this “Brave New World” so he chooses

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