`` Brave New World `` By Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley is a futuristic novel based on a troubled society, consumption of technology and genetically engineered people. Although there are various things about Brave New World that depicts a civilization much like ours. The representation of alienation is very prominent to what we experience daily. Just like in reality, the novel’s citizens are isolated and put into groups based on their looks, their ways of thinking and their job level. Like John the Savage and Helmholtz who are treated poorly for having different opinions, everyone in our society is judged for being unique. Linda and Bernard both suffer because they do not have youthful appearances which resembles to our modern perspective on human form. Then there are class systems where the citizens of Brave New World are sorted out depending to their job level and their intelligence much like in reality where we have upper, middle and poor class. One may think that there is a gross representation of society in this book but perhaps our society isn’t that much different.
The way social rejection is showed in Huxley’s Utopia is very similar to the way we deal with it now. For instance Helmholtz, John, and the Indians are excluded because they aren 't like the rest. Helmholtz Watson is an Alpha, the highest class in Brave New World. Alphas are destined to be great leaders and thinkers as so Helmholtz is a writer. He feels out of place in Brave New World’s society, even though he has all the

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