Brayden Research Paper

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I cannot believe that Brayden is already 17 years old! Time is flying by, and I am not prepared for him to leave for college. I have noticed that he has been sticking close to his peers lately. For the most part, Brayden has a couple of good friends and hangs out primarily with them, but he is not one of the most outgoing and popular people in his class. It has been like this since he was young. I leave decisions about friendships and relationships up to him. I do listen to him, but I do not try to push him to make any changes. Brayden’s social develop has been static throughout adolescence and his teenage years. He is still shy and quit, and he has a small amount of close friends. Apparently a couple months ago, Brayden got into an argument with a friend online. This caused Brayden to be on the outs with his friend. On top of this, he was the victim of cyberbullying. Because of this …show more content…

I was happy that I chose to let Brayden advance in math, because he got into a better college from it. I am also happy that I did not give him such a hard time with punishment, because he could talk to me about things he did, and he could be honest with me. For example, Brayden hit something with his car, and he told me right away without lying about it. When there were situations that Brayden got into that I could not control, I did feel frustrated, but I would be there for him. I did not hit or smack him, I would punish him by grounding him. I would also try and talk to him about the situation, instead of yelling at him. When Brayden was little, he saw his cousin get smacked, because he did something wrong. Brayden was scared. When I saw that, I realized that I did not want to do that to Brayden. My partner also was there and told me to ground him or would help me with my decision. I am happy with how I raised my child and also how he turned out to

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