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Quinceanera, which is Spanish for Sweet 15, is a very popular celebration in the Spanish community. This is a very special day to both the mother and the daughter. This day signifies the transformation from a little girl to a young lady. It is a way of introducing a new woman to society. Turning 15 is the most important birthday for Spanish communities. Quinceaneras tend to be a big and elegant celebration in which every family member and friends collaborate to give the birthday girl the best party she has ever had. To my understanding every Sweet 15 was celebrated the same in every Spanish country. But after attending my friend’s Brazilian Sweet 15 my opinion has changed for the better. My friend Stephane Rene and I were …show more content…
There were fifteen friends, 7 boys and 7 girls and one male companion for the Quincenera adding up to 16. This was very interesting to me because in my culture the birthday girl gets to have 15 girls and 15 boys to escort her. According to Bruno, Jennily’s cousin, this represents every year she was born plus one more year for good luck. After leaving the church the families proceed to go outside the church to capture on film every moment of this one in a lifetime event. The Sweet 15 girl, Jennily, took pictures with everybody, this is a very important day and most be remember even by those who did not attend. While this is happening other relatives and friends leave to where the reception will be held so they can be there before the birthday girl arrived. The photo shoot also gives time for people to settle down at the location and to prepare Jennily’s big entrance. When we arrived at the reception, almost everybody was already there. Everybody was well dressed, women were wearing long dresses and the men were wearing suit and tie. Everybody was behaving in a very calm and friendly matter. As I looked around to get familiar with the place and the people, I noticed the table of food. Of course food is one of the main things to Spanish people. The table was completed with the most delightful and most well-known Spanish dishes such as salad, lasagna, platanos (plantains), sopa de pollo (homemade chicken

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