Breaking The Bounds Of Traditional American Ideology Essay

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Breaking the Bounds of Traditional American Ideology From the beginning of time, different cultures and their countless values have played an immense role in the standards that people living in various societies abide by. People are influenced momentously by the ideological beliefs of their ethos. Cultural principles are distinguishable all throughout parts of the world and are responsible for most of the actions taken, language spoken, attire worn, and even daily rituals of the different societies. Film has been a way throughout history to showcase diverse cultural ideologies and either challenge or affirm those different ideas. The movie Juno, starring Ellen Paige, is a great example of how film-making can be used to challenge traditional beliefs of American society. Juno is a film that breaks the bounds of traditional American ideologies by challenging gender related conventions and expectations and the idea that a child must grow up in the traditional nuclear household to be successful. Throughout American history, many events took place that developed various aspects of traditional American culture. As these ideologies began to from, both men and women were grouped into very specific gender conventions. Each gender was expected to follow the explicit conventions in order to preserve the differences amongst males and females. Women were supposed to abide by the ideas of piety, purity, submissiveness, and domesticity, while men were supposed to abide by the idea of

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