Breakthrough Research Paper

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Prior to attending college I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. My only goal senior year of high school was to get accepted into a good college or university. Fortunately, I did get into a really good school, but my dilemma was I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. I decided to major in education, sadly because you get summers and weekends off. However, I was completely blind to how hard a teacher works and upon attending St. John’s University School of Education, I gained a new found appreciation for teaching. I decided my Freshman Year that this is what I wanted to do. I am now a junior, and I gained a passion for teaching and education. As I end my college career, I have learned a lot about what a good teacher is supposed to be and what to do. However, I do not think I learned the reality of teaching. My school does a great job getting us ready to pass the test for teacher certifications, but doesn’t get us ready to teach in a classroom. I am a strong believer in order to be the best you want to be in anything you have …show more content…

I want to learn and gain skills to become a better teacher, mentor and leader. Unlike, being a camp counselor or tutor Breakthrough allows you to experience what it is to be a teacher day by day. This experience would allow me to learn from my mistakes or to understand why my lesson was successful. I chose to become a teacher not only because I like mentoring and teaching. I have first hand seen problems with the education system in America, specifically with minority students and students from low income households. Studies have shown that there is a learning gap between these students and students from higher income areas and white. As a teacher I want to help fight to end this gap. The Breakthrough program fights these statistics. I think I can learn from being a part of Breakthrough skills to accomplish this goal in my classroom when I become a

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