Breast Cancer : A Dangerous Disease

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I can explain so much about breast cancer because I have had family members die from this disease. Being around a person with cancer will heart your heart so bad. My cousin and uncle had it. Seeing them in so much pain hurt me so bad, but all I could do was pray. I would like to inform others about a dangerous disease which is Breast Cancer. I would like to explain other more about the difficulties cancer patients go through. Breast cancer is a tough disease to battle with. The only way to battle with this disease is to make sure the person always have God on their side.

Breast Cancer
Everyone hope for their future to be just right. Some people never think that they would get to their breaking point in life. Breast cancer is one breaking point men and women can go through. Some people wish that their life would be great as of having a family and being successful. Some people fail to think more about what they could go through. Breast cancer is a disease that anybody can go through. There are different types of breast cancer disease, but I like to inform people more about inflammatory breast cancer. People that have or have had inflammatory breast cancer have to go through so much. This disease mostly affects thousands of women each year (National, 2012).

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