Breathe in the Night Essay example

Decent Essays The car ride to Seattle we stayed quiet mostly. I looked over at Jasper. My Jasper. He turned and gave me a crooked smile. And I blushed lightly but still held my gaze. He reached over and grabbed my hand. I looked at the ring on my finger. "Are you regretting things?" "What?" I look up at him. " No of course not" He simply nodded and turned back to the road. I saw the needle and the welcome to Seattle sign. "Welcome to Seattle. Population sixty five times larger than forks'' I joked lamely , but Jasper laughed anyway. We stopped by a mall and picked out some clothes and essentials for tomorrow and clothes for a nice dinner tonight. We checked into …show more content…

"You can join us. I know I just met you but you seem like a nice person Tessa" I smiled. She looked over at Harry and he looked at her then me." Were set to be seated in fifteen minutes." She gave him the puppy eyes and he sighed nodding. "Great you can come over and meet Jasper'' We walked over and I watch Jasper take in Harry's appearance. "Jasper this is Tessa and her... Harry. They will be eating with us " He smiled and greeted them. I scanned his thoughts to see if them joining us bothered him , but it didn't. Through the dinner we chatted about school, Tessa was a year older than me and Harry was twenty one. I kept reading their thoughts and their story was addictive. They have been through so much pain, so much love. At the end of dinner Tess and I exchanged numbers and we went our separate ways. "They were intense." I say to Jasper getting into the car. "I don't know what they've been through but I fell so much emotion and they were so powerful . Honestly it took all I had not to just kiss you." He nods in agreement. We got back to our apartment sized room and I looked at Jasper. "I think I want to move back in with Charlie and my mom" "Why? Are you not happy?" "No. no I am extremely happy its just , I want to spend time with them before I - while I can. I wont move all my stuff just essentials, Its not like its a long drive

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