Essay about Breeds for the Khajijit: A Type of Feline Humanoid

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The Khajiit are a type of feline humanoids who are a beast race found in Tamriel. Their cat-like stature and influence is due to their facial features. Their bodies are also exceptionally agile for appearing like that of a human. One of the main characteristics of the Khajiit is they are light-footed. This means they are stealthy which makes then well-suited to be thieves and assassins.

The total number of breeds for the Khajijit is estimated to be at 17. However, the only breed which can be found in the game is the Suthay-raht. This breed of Khajiit makes an excellent warrior for their skill with a blade. The Khajiit have a love of wealth a sense of adventure, and are quite outgoing. One of the interesting characteristics of this breed
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This meant that lucrative trading was frequent and is a main skill which is passed down through each generation.

The year 1E 2260 marked the beginning of the Thrassian Plague which decimated many of the Khajiit kingdoms. This plague was spread deliberately by a race called the Sload. There is no written record to the extent this was done. There were only two Khajiit kingdoms which survived this onslaught. This is the reason for the alliances that exist today.

The rulers of the two surviving kingdoms discovered their chances for ultimate survival were to merge their two kingdoms. The Kingdom of Pellitine being ruled by Eshita needed to unite with the Kingdom of Anequina that was ruled by Keirgo. The result of this unification was the province of Elsweyr. After the kingdoms were merged there was a blending of cultures. This often led to increased tensions. Each culture was vastly different and total assimilation took a further 15 years.

Compromise was reached when the merged kingdom decided the seat of power should circulate so the leadership would rotate among many. This was a way to establish a fair way of ruling and to eliminate any tension created due to one class feeling inferior. All concerns among the Kajiit could be taken into account equally. This system was implemented by Mane Rid-T'har-ri'Datta and would be governed by the phases of the moon.

History would eventually repeat itself as another plague ravaged the Khajiit race in 2E 560. A
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