How did Islam spread so quickly

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Islam was a very popular religious belief that had followers from all around, but we ask why

it spread so quickly over a short period of time. There were different factors that had allowed Islamic

beliefs to cover such a large area so quickly.

The Islam religion started with a man named Muhammad. A tough childhood, losing his

parents at an early age and working as a merchant most of his life . He retreated to a cave in a near

mountain. He said it was there that he received his first revelation from God at age 40. Three years after

the revelation he began preaching publicly. He had gained few followers early on and was met with

hostility from Meccan tribes. After 8 years he had gained up to 10,000 followers who
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They also had flourishing markets that had all types of trade opportunities. This specific part of

economic growth directly could show why it spread so quickly because if the Islamic towns and cities

were growing due to increase in food supply, than so would the religion. More people would lead to

more followers. Also banks could tie into allowing more people more opportunities in the Islamic

cities, they gave entrepreneurs money to start their businesses. Allowing a reason for more people to

move in and follow the religion. Another part of the Islamic economic growth would be the paper

industry. After a military battle with a Chinese army, they captured people skilled in paper production

and learned from them. By the 10th century mills that produced the paper could be found in Persia,

Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt and Spain. These mills allowed for the creation of books. Such as the

Quran, or guide for a follower of the Islam religion.

The Quran had served as the cornerstone of the Islamic society. They spread the message of

allah and provided the teachings of the religion. The Quran stated that religion was easy, just to follow

the 5 Pillars of Islam. You must believe that Muhammad is the only prophet of god and to support

Allah. You must pray 5 times a day. Fast and pray during the month of Ramadan. It wasn 't required but

if the opportunity was given to make a pilgrimage and lastly
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