Brennaghs Hamlet Essay

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Often when a movie is adapted from a play, there are several aspects which are adjusted or completely lost. This often depends on the directors point of view as well as the casting director. In Kenneth Branagh’s movie “Hamlet'; only a small number of aspects were lost from the movement of the play to the movie. The movie was ‘word for word’ of the play with the exception of a few moved silique. Therefore, the plot or order did not change. The scene where Hamlet meets his father, 1.5, was very well done; conjuring great emotions of fear and suspense. In addition, the final scene was adequately performed evoking anxiety and thrill for the viewer. The ghost of Hamlet was very disappointing at first …show more content…
As the ghost of Hamlet holds out his arms, he looks like a robot., the image of a ghost should be flowing. Although he is in amour the scene could have been much better shot had the ghost been more realistic and not robotic.
     This letdown continues when the ghost speaks to Hamlet:
                    Mark me...
                    My hour is almost come
                    When I to sulph’rous and tormenting flames
                    Must render up myself.
His voice, along with his motions, are robotic. It does not bring apprehension but rather discontent. In the first act we are faced with this large problem, what is the remainder of the movie going to be like? Thankfully, Branagh lives up to the expectations as the ‘ghost scene’ develops. Firstly, the

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