Brent's Argumentative Essay

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When Brent walked into our class room, you could not tell he had any type of disability. He began talking about his high school and college days, how he participated in all sports, played baseball at UNO as a pitcher, and eventually made it to the minor leagues. He decided that he was not getting anywhere with baseball, so he made his way back to Nebraska. One day his life completely changed on his way home from Lincoln to Omaha. When traveling home, the car in front of him spun out of control, and landed in the ditch. Brent got out to help, and on his way back to his car to call for help, another car slid of the road, and hit Brent, which threw him. After 10-12 surgeries and spending a month in the hospital, Brent now has a prosthetic left leg from the knee down, and his right leg is full of pins and his ankle is bone on bone. Eventually, he will have to get a prosthetic leg on his right as well. After the accident, he was tired of people feeling sorry for him, and tired of people trying to do everything for him, especially when he was …show more content…

Once it was over, they went to the bar, and that’s when he realized that they were no different than him. From that moment, everything changed. He realized sports and a team is what he really needed. He continued playing wheelchair softball and even won national championships with the team. Softball pushed him to try other sports, which led him to sit volleyball. Brent made the USA team and traveled the world win them. Winning many matches and being captain of the team for 10 years. He eventually decided enough was enough, and stop playing, but he is now a representative of the USA sitting volleyball team. In the end, Brent said, the accident was the best thing that has ever happened to him. It allowed so many doors to open, which would not have been there if the accident never occurred. I thought that was very interesting to hear, especially when he said that he is better off now, than he was

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