Brett Whitley Art Life And The Other Thing Analysis

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Self-identity is a major part in the art world as well as the world in general, usually portrayed or captured as a portrait - either photographed, drawn, painted or sculptured - of oneself or another to represent their identity. As Brett Whitely said “There has to be a deepening quality of self-revelation” meaning there should be more then just a face on a canvas but rather portray the identity of the individual like their attitudes, private feelings and thoughts revealing more then just a blank face.
Art, Life and the Other Thing (1978) is one of Brett Whitley’s many expressionistic works but what makes this one different is because of it’s famous impact on the art world itself. Not only did this piece win the Archibald prize but also it revealed a more personal and deeper side of the artist himself, capturing his addiction to drugs and really giving the viewers a glimpse inside of his head. This piece of self-portraiture is made …show more content…

The three pieces are laid out diagonally starting with the photograph at the top right corner, moving on to the middle piece which the arm in the painting is long and smooth and makes the piece flow from the first piece right through to the bottom and then finally finishing at the bottom left with the last piece. Line is one part that makes these pieces particularly work together as the thin lines flow through each piece somewhat connecting the three together. In

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