Brick Walls In My Life

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During his lecture, Randy said that throughout your life you will encounter brick walls. These walls are meant to slow you down, but they are not there to stop your goals. The walls actually push you to work harder in life to achieve those goals. Throughout life one will encounter failures every wear they turn. Whether it is being fired from your job or failing a test. You will not go through your life without encountering failure. In fact it is a good thing to experience failure once in a while. It keeps us humble about life and it shows that not everything is given to us. Throughout my life I have experienced my fair share of brick walls. Although I was able to overcome most of them, I still couldn’t overcome one. A few brick walls that I have faced over the course of my life include overcoming a death of a close friend and family. However there was one brick wall that took me a while to overcome. About two years ago, during a baseball game at home, I suffered a stage three hyperextension of my right knee while batting. The pain was equivalent to having my knee dislocated. I had to exit the game and I feared that my baseball season may be over. The following day while on a visit to the doctor, the worst of my fears were realized. The doctor said there was possibility that I would not play baseball the remainder of that season. Over the next couple of weeks, I had to undergo physical pain everyday while trying to walk around school. It was so bad that it
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