Bridget Bishop 's Side Of The Invisible World

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Cotton Mather neglected to include Bridget Bishop’s side of the story on purpose. In 1962, Mather wrote a book titled The Wonders of the Invisible World. He wrote the document in an organized and professional manner so that it could be credited it as an official record and taken seriously. Inside of this book was a section titled “The Tryal of Bridget Bishop”, which specifies the events that took place during Bridget Bishop’s trial (Walker). Mather writes in detail about the case of Bridget Bishop in order to provide an account of the outrageous ways in which the Salem Witch Trials were conducted. Although Cotton Mather includes direct quotations from many different individuals and recounts their accusations with great care, he does not pay tribute to the words of Bridget Bishop herself during her own trial. In “The Tryal of Bridget Bishop”, Cotton Mather omitted Bishop’s own rebuttals and responses because he did not find it necessary to include them; he had all the evidence he needed to make the court system look guilty of injustice. Cotton Mather had an issue with how Bishop’s case was handled, and how the court proceeded with other cases much like hers during this time. He sought to purge the court system of the use of spectral evidence as grounds for conviction. He felt like a man’s word was not enough to prove someone innocent or guilty, but that one needed hard evidence in order to ensure that the ruling was just. Mather’s “call[ed] for caution in his publications

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