Brief Biography of William Shakespeare

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The Life of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a very dynamic playwright and writer. He enjoyed history which was shown through his writing. He excelled at writing many kinds of different genres of plays. He especially enjoyed tragedy and history. The reason William Shakespeare remains well known today is because he was a brilliant playwright which was clearly influenced by his childhood and culture. William Shakespeare was born in Stratford, England. On April 23, 1564, he was supposedly born on the celebration day of Saint George (Literature web). He was born into the lower- middle class. Although most of his extended family were farmers, they were not in poverty. His family was quite comfortable financially, showing signs of social status. Because people with money liked to hold onto their money, there was inflation in the economy. William Shakespeare’s father was named John Shakespeare. He was a prominent member of the Stratford-upon-Avon society and even became mayor for a short time. John Shakespeare was an active member in his society and it is well documented by his name appearing 166 times in the Council Book of Stratford-upon-Avon. However, John began to do illegal things to lose his great reputation. John began to illegally sell wool, and he was no longer widely respected. He had sold so much wool that he could have bought a nice house; however, he was deep in debt. John was caught by the law in 1577. John was not respected by the other townspeople
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