Brief History Of The Telegraph Essay

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One of the most important messages sent from the Telegraph was its first message, “What hath God wrought?” (The book of numbers 23:23) sent by its creator Samuel Morse. This message, sent to Baltimore from D.C., Would change communication for years to come. As time went on the Telegraph lead on to many more important messages, like distress signals. Before ships had GPS, tracking devices, or satellite phones they would often get lost, shipwreck, or sink to the bottom of the ocean with no one having any idea what had happened to them. For the first time when the Telegraph became wireless they put it on ship and created the first distress signal. Contrary to popular belief the first distress signal used, prompt by the british council on 1904, Feb 1, was “CDQ.” which meant ‘Come Quick Distress’ Later however the code was made into “SOS.” SOS is an abbreviation for ‘Save Our Ship’ and for hundreds of years to come, SOS is still used for distress signals of stranded ships and voyagers.…show more content…
In 1933, when a small village in Alaska ran out of disease fighting medicine for the sick and dieing, a message was sent by a telegraph to the nearest city for resupply. The sled dog team sent to retrive it was a key factor in getting the medicine back to the village, but without the telegraph the medicine would never have been sent in the first place and all of those sick would have died. Chances show that this wouldn’t be the only time a telegraph has played a part in saving someone’s life and it did this doing exactly what it was invented for. The telegraph was invented to send messages in a shorter amount of time than
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