Brief Summary Of A Logisticare's Case

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The patient arrived on time for her counseling session. Reported doing okay with her dose, but wishes she can have an increase as she still experiencing some cravings, but is trying not to relapse. The patient vented about her transportation issues with Logisticare and her ex-husband. Patient says, " I need my rides to be reinstated because I can't keeping back and forth with him.......Did you get my discharge summary?.... Please send it to Logisticare." This writer showed the patient about a recent fax from Hartford Dispensary, referring to her discharge summary and a statement on the clinic's letterhead stating the date of the patient discharge and when she was medically taper off on her dose. According to the patient, she does not want her previous counselor statement to be sent to Logisticare,…show more content…
Furthermore, the patient appeared to admit about taking a prescribed medication from a friend, but when questioned further, she recanted her statement as the patient was not cleared if it was recent or in the past. However, this writer informed the patient as a warning of the clinic's policy. This writer reviewed the patient's RX scripts has they all expired today; however, the patient plans to pick up her script this weekend and provide to CSAC Nursing on Monday or Tuesday. Again, this writer discussed with the patient about he importance of validating her scripts on time. Please note, the patient arrived to the clinic limping and complained of back pain. Denies the need to be medically assessed at CSAC as she plans to go to the ER later today after her Cardiologist appointment to be assessed. She was advised that any discharge summary must be provided to CSAC. Patient then reports, she's been taking motion. Other: This writer attempted to call Logisticare, but the line was disconnected by Logisticare
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