Brief Summary Of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's '

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This worker, named Moses, comes to be a very important person in Mary's life when he is taken to be a servant for the house. Mary does not fear her servant Moses but rather reserves a great deal of disgust, repugnance, and avoidance for him. Often Mary does all she can to avoid having any social proximity with him. After many years living on the farm together, Dick and Mary are seen to be in a condition of deterioration. Mary often goes through spells of depression. In her frailty, Mary ends up relying more and more on Moses. As Mary becomes weaker, she finds herself feeling endearment towards Moses. On a rare visit from their neighbor, Slatter, Mary is seen being carelessly and thoughtlessly kind to Moses. This enrages Slatter. Slatter demands that Mary is not allowed to live with that worker as a house servant. Slatter sees himself as defending the values and integrity of the white community.…show more content…
This vacation is to be a sort of convalescence for them. Dick spends his last month on his farm with Tony, who has been hired by Slatter to take over the running of the farm. Tony has good intentions and is very superficially cultured, but he finds himself having to adapt to the racism of the white community. One day Tony sees Moses dressing Mary and is surprised and somewhat amazed by Mary's breaking of the 'colour bar'.The book closes with Mary's death at the hand of Moses. Mary is expecting his arrival and is aware of her imminent death. Moses does not run from the scene as he originally intends but waits a short distance away for the arrival of the
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