Brief Summary Of The Book Fire

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In an alternate universe, rather than of putting out fire, they have a special job that requires fireman to burn book, according to that universe where our tale begins it is illegal to read any type of books;however a very unique fire man decides to change the law. It all started in a little place where no one he had a big imaginations and had televisions the size of movies theaters screens, and after a long hard day at work guy encounters a young women who change Guy's perspective of how to view the world. After that encounter he founds out that his wife Mildred had committed suicide. After that, Guy had saw that accident that happened last night, he thought that Mildred took her pills but had forgot that she had taken her pills, then kept taking them until the bottle was empty then plugged her seashell …show more content…

Guy’s boss makes him burn his own house after that his boss puts him under arrest for having a stash of books. Guy runs in hurry because his manager wants to burn him to death, running and knocks out two guys, while Guy was running, his ex-boss activates hound is to attack him, he runs and trips the hound bites his leg, he tries to get the hound to shake off him. After Guy begins to run again trying to walk off the numbness. Guy calls from a payphone another fire that will be need burned. Guy goes to his friend's house and finds out that the hound and everyone was hot on his trail also was the news crew. Guy finds out that his friend is going to St. Louis, and trying to communicate back again with his old publisher. His friend helps Guy with his quest. Guy takes some of his friend’s clothes and takes his clothes and throw them into the lake. Everyone from Guy’ s old town was watching the criminal run away. He finds a crew of mysterious people that help him rebuild civilations and rebuild

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