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Ready Player One hits some of the same situations as in the holocaust or for the book that we read “Night” like taking people spread out over a good area and combining them into a small dense area. They both also touch on the topic of how when someone is killed or something is blown up now one raises an eyebrow or if they do no one does anything about it. “My aunt’s trailer was the top unit in a “stack” twenty-two Mobile homes high” and “TWO GHETTOS were created in Sighet. A large one in the center of town occupied four streets, and another smaller one extended over several alleyways on the outskirts of town.” this shows how “Night” and Ready Player One are similar or discussed the same things because when times got tough or you were being …show more content…

Just as Sorrento had predicted.” and "Look at the fire! Look at the flames! Flames everywhere..."Once again, the young men bound and gagged her. When they actually struck her, people shouted their approval: "Keep her quiet! Make that madwoman shut up. She's not the only one here... " Both of these quotes shows how even when danger was near or when something really bad happened in these times they looked at one person as a “madwoman” and how they blamed it on the normal things and never bothered to look into to find the real problem shows that people get down in dumps or dirt poor shows that have no time or interest in finding out what happened. In conclusion “Ready Player One” and “Night” have sort of same issues and this just shows that even though As Mark Twain put it, “History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” shows how yes these events look similar and some ways are they are still different and not word for word or action for action because I'd rather not have another holocaust or even another Hitler, I'm looking at you

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