Bringing Back Broadway Analysis

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Cate Thurston’s paper, “Bringing Back Broadway,” was a study of urban redevelopment in Los Angeles’ Broadway Corridor. Cate shared her research and analysis on why redevelopment was an important factor for various people, such as Ira Yellin, the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, and Councilmember Jose Huizar. The reason why redevelopment was important for many people was because the city was changing and there was a need to drive tourists into the city. As more tourists visit Los Angeles, spending increases, thus, generating more prosperity and wealth. This paper also discussed why this particular neighborhood changed and why space changes over time in Los Angeles. Cate shared how the Broadway Corridor in the 19th and 20th …show more content…

I was fascinated to hear how the corridor used to be a business center where restaurants, quinceanera shops, party supply shops, and various other stores were once in operation (WPA, 3/8). This reminds me of the time when I use to live in South Central Los Angeles, and how in every street I passed, there were many restaurants and many various shops from clothing stores, restaurants, tool shops, and party supply stores. It was very convenient for my family and me to purchase something we wanted or needed. This was a huge difference in the Broadway Corridor because Cate stated that for the most part this street was not a residential neighborhood. It was a place where you shopped and by night, it was an empty area. I was also curious as to what Cate meant when she said that the Broadway Corridor was a community that only spoke to Latinos and was not seen as a “community befitting a prestigious urban core” (WPA, 3/8). I would like to understand what she meant by this. By prestigious urban core, what did she try to indicate? Was she saying that this area was only appealing to Latino/Latinas during the 20th century? I know Cate mentioned in later years that many Latino businesses closed down due to economic factors, resulting in many businesses closing their doors. I would like to have some better clarification about this specific issue she …show more content…

When she mentioned Skid Row and the redevelopment of the Broadway Corridor it got me thinking about the future of Los Angeles. When I went to Downtown Los Angeles not too long ago, I noticed many new skyline projects being built and many new beautiful apartments. It makes me wonder if the homeless population in Downtown Los Angeles will be displaced and be “forced” to move out of the city. As the city of Los Angeles grows, it is becoming a hub to attract more tourists and making downtown a more developed area. I feel that Skid Row will eventually be redeveloped, forcing many homeless people out of the area. As I continue discussing redevelopment and displacement in Los Angeles, I wonder how the new football stadium in Inglewood will affect the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. This massive project will surely generate more money for the city; however, this will be at the expense of its residents in Inglewood and South Central. Many small businesses will close down and will not be able to compete with other retailers. Traffic, pollution, and increasing rent and real estate prices will be huge problems that will happen. I wonder if residents in Inglewood would be able to afford the rising prices of housing in the future. I feel it is beneficial for the city and hurtful for those who will be displaced or

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