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  • The City Of The Mercantile City

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    the last few centuries, cities as have evolved to take on the features that are used today to identify the makings of what is a great city. As cities shifted from the concept of the political city to the mercantile city and finally the industrial city, traditional political, economic and social patterns began to take on new forms and functions that transformed them to become the urbanized spaces they are now. Major early cites began in the form of the political city, a place that was the functioning

  • The City : The Triumph Of Cities

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    optimistic view of the city: The Triumph of Cities. Glaeser, a professor of economics at Harvard University, is a brilliant economist who is credited with the recent revitalization of the field of urban economy. So far could their ideas through numerous but somewhat scattered newspaper articles and academic papers whose reading required prior training and considerable effort. Instead, the book is a simple, comprehensive and documented essay on multiple aspects of the city as its origin, development

  • The City Of Arvada And The City Of Compton

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    The two cities selected for this report are to include the city of Arvada and the City of Compton. Both coming from a long distance, the reports and statistical number between the two are jaw dropping. The major broad topics that will be focused on will include but not limited to population, education, and wealth statistics such as poverty level and income level. The first city selected for this report is found just north west of the capital of Colorado. The city of Arvada, was founded in 1870 and

  • Garden City And Garden City

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    of population, increasing urbanization and industrialization, cities had been overcrowded and the environment was being destroyed as well. Furthermore, more and more people moved to the urban cities from rural area for having more job opportunities. Consequently, cities were over centralizing. It is contributed to the slums in city which is the cause of disease breaking out. It leads to the decrease of human’s life quality in urban cities. Moudon (1997) points out that control by the private sector

  • City Living : The Importance Between City And City Life

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    prospects of city living and country living are compared. The benefits city living has for country living, as well as country living’s benefits for the city play a huge role in societies counterparts. The individual is impacted by both lifestyles between a sociological complex as well as other factors. Importance between country and city living will be demonstrated as well as weighing the both. Environmental structures, agricultural factors, and the quality of life proving the influence the city/country

  • Green Cities As A Pollution To The Green City

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    with those issues, “green cities” has been given as a great solution. Green city is a program of building smart constructions and technologies that are friendly with the environment, and establishing the smart growth policies to resolve the economic, social, and as well as environmental issues in the city. There are some opinions claimed that green cities should not be developed due to the high cost and negative environmental effects. Despite those opposing opinions, green city would still be an effective

  • Compare And Contrast City And City Life

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    tormented so many, “Should I live in the city or in the country?” Imagine deciding whether to live in just one specific area for the rest of your life. Many would argue that the hectic lifestyle that a big city provides clearly places it ahead of a suburban landscape. Others, however, would claim that the serene and restful environment of the countryside is much more satisfying than the city could ever be. It is important to be clear that not all vast cities are the same, and it goes the same way for

  • Overpopulation And Pollution For The City Of An Ideal City

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    Today, the cities of this world are awesome, tall buildings, high rates of development and of course, the overpopulation and pollution. To combat this major issue in the modern world, we must put in a standardised city ‘template’ that cities must follow so that they are able to cope with the inevitable fact of evolution and the factors such as ‘global warming’ (true or not), overpopulation and pollution. The city, as described below, is an ideal city that this world needs to last. To attain maximum

  • The Garden City : The Concept Of The Garden City

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    Concept The garden city is an idea of self-sufficient community surrounded by extensive area of greenbelts containing proportionate residential buildings, industries, and agricultural land (Ward,1992). The reason why Howard’s Garden City model are still linked to our community whatever it was over 100 years ago. This idea improves air quality, space for growing green plants, animal conservation is still significant in nowadays city planning and sustainable development. Moreover, individuals can enjoy

  • Living In The City Vs City Life

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    Living in the city can be an exciting experience for a greater opportunity than living in the country. The country provides a relaxing environment that the city may not provide. Some would prefer to live the city life, others prefer the country life. People who live in the country would probably have hobbies like fishing, hunting, and riding dirt bikes versus people living in the city; People living in the city would much rather go out to nice restaurants, live close to other people, and have an