Britain's Decision Making Toward Nazi Germany

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This week’s reading analyzed three view points in regards to the British’s decision making towards Nazi Germany. I found the opinions of Andrew Barros and Talbot C. Imalay to be the most interesting. They believed the British’s use of appeasement was due to their actual perception of Nazi Germany. This perception would gradually change over time. British decision making evolves from the British assumptions and beliefs about Nazi Germany. Throughout Barros and Talbot’s argument, the reason for appeasement and the British’s development of a new opinion of Nazi Germany are very logical.
One of the initial reasons as to why appeasement was in place was due to the opinion of the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain believe that Nazi Germany had an elaborate plan. He believed that …show more content…

Ripsman and Jack S. Levy suggest that the British were strategically stalling in order to better equipped themselves against Nazi Germany. During this time both Britain and France prepared to go to warfare, therefore it may not have been in their best interest to immediately confront Nazi Germany. Andrew Barros and Talbot C. Imalay agree with the assessment done by Ripman and Levy, but they don’t feel that it is complete. Their concept does not consider the reality that the British’s opinion of Nazi Germany did change overtime. They believe strategic planner with a change in attitude towards Nazi Germany is what led the British to make such decisions regarding Germany.
Overall, I believe that the British opinion of Nazi Germany did change overtime and that they believed they needed time to better equip themselves in order to deal with them. As to whether or not the British and French could have prevented the rise of Nazi Germany is something I believe I can not complete agree with or disagree with. Mainly because, as mentioned by Barros and Imalay, I already know the consequence of the British’s decision to practice appeasement and my answer could be potentially

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