British And British Culture And Cultural Changes In The New World

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Dganit Alma
Goldberg 3
AP United States History
18 August 2017
Summer Assignment Many groups around the world are culturally and economically altered by other people and events. Before 1750, the British and the Spanish were infinitely changed because of their interactions with the Indians of North America. These two groups began exploring the New World due to the glorified idea that there was an abundance of spices, silk, and wealth. The British and the Spanish ventured into the New World looking for new land, new goods, and new beginnings. Initially the Spanish explorers, such as Columbus, Cortes and Onate, made huge strides in finding a route to the New World. Five years later, the British discovered the New World five years later. The British encountered many Indian tribes and believed that by distancing themselves from these tribes, they could create a purely English society in North America. Contrary to the British, the Spanish enslaved the Indians and ruled over them in order to get what they wanted. The Spanish attempted to spread their culture and rule the Indians while gaining economic prosperity from the mined gold and silver. The British, on the other hand, tried isolating their culture from the Indians while gaining economic prosperity by using the Indians agricultural assistance. The British were motivated to join this age of exploration because of their desire to colonize. Before the British could expand and settle into new lands, England needed an internal

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