British Imperialism In Finding The Elephant, By George Orwell

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Orwell begins the story by claiming his perspective on British Imperialism. He says that it is evil and he is fully against the oppressors. Though he is actually a British officer himself he feels hatred and guilt towards himself, his empire, and the Burma people. Talking about his thoughts and feelings toward Imperialism gives deeper meaning to the rest of the story as it highlights why he dislikes it so much. He already establishes the fact that his character is weak since he lets the Burma people laugh at him and play him for a fool. The build up of finding the elephant is a metaphor in itself showcasing the destructive power of imperialism. Orwell uses other metaphors when he compares himself to being a magician about to perform a trick, or the lead actor in a piece, an absurd puppet or a posing dummy, holding the “magic rifle”. I like to think of this story as a lesson to learn from. This story clearly states that people will do anything to avoid being embarrassed. We should be open to other people's opinions but follow our instincts and not let others make decisions for us. This story is also teaching us to look at the pros and cons of a situation very carefully. As I was reading this I realized this is a very deep truth to rationalization and the impact that peer pressure has on your decision making process. No matter who you are or what you do, every single human on planet Earth cares what people think especially when it's thousands and they have the power to make

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