Broken: A Short Story

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Broken To me she was absolutely perfect. I did not understand why she looked at me with such disgust. She constantly tore herself apart and I hated this. Quinn was no longer the nine year old girl with pig tails and braces who loved to see her reflection, she was now an eighteen year old girl who constantly avoided me. I miss the way she used to look at me with her bright blue eyes and her beautiful smile. At one point in time, she adored me and I miss that about her. When I met Quinn, she had this confidence about her that I admired. Her room was cotton candy pink and filled with medals and trophies from all of the pageants she participated in. My favorite part of everyday was when Quinn would sit in front of me trying on all her crowns …show more content…

She put on a few pounds and started to have minor break outs, but this was normal for a girl in middle school. At least this is what I thought, but I guess when someone grows up in a world where they are judged based on appearance this is considered a crisis. At first, I thought this was just a phase but then I noticed some things that caught my attention. Quinn no longer looked at me the same way she did as a young girl. She looked at me in complete disgust. I watched her put herself down constantly, picking and pulling on her skin. She would pose in front of me trying to suck in her stomach and squeeze into an old pair of jeans. One day she became so upset that she completely broke down in front of me. Mascara was running down her face and her hair was all over the place, I felt so helpless. I never wanted to be the reason someone hated their self. When people look at me, I want them to feel beautiful. I want everyone to see what I see, especially …show more content…

She has become completely brainwashed and obsessed with how others view her. I am starting to become afraid of the monster she has turned into. She went from being so sweet and loving to angry and depressed. Every day became increasingly worse, and I became even more afraid. Quinn's cotton candy pink room was no longer bright, it was dark and depressing. There she was, sitting on her bed breaking all of the crowns she worked so hard for. It was shocking to see the way the pageant industry affected how she views herself now. She became more angry as she was destroying all of her achievements, I was terrified. Quinn walked over to me, she was a mess. As tears were flooding down her face, she was gasping for air while screaming "Why me? Why do I have to go through this?" Quinn picked up her a trophy from off the floor and began aiming it towards me. I knew what was about to happen, she had enough. Before I knew it, I was in pieces all over the ground. Quinn had enough, she was done. She was completely fed up with having to see a reflection of herself and this destroyed me. Although I am broken, I do not think that any feeling can compare to how broken Quinn

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