Broken Basic Bargain Analysis

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In 2012 the unemployment rate was at a high rate of 8.1%, according to Marilyn Geewax on the website The Two Way. Geewax also claims, the unemployment rate in 2016 lessened to 4.9%. Jobs around America are always changing depending on the economy.¨The Broken Basic Bargain¨ focuses on how the economy has both its highs and its lows just like jobs do in ¨Mike Rowe: Learning From Dirty Jobs¨.
The first episode of Dirty Jobs aired on July 26, 2005 starring Mike Rowe going to some of America's most disturbing jobs. Mike Rowe is 54 years old who was originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Within the television show that starred on The Discovery Channel Mike Rowe traveled around the world in hopes to find the dirtiest job. Some of the most memorable …show more content…

This article goes into deep detail of past events that caused the economy to be in trouble, and how this affected the American people. Over the years The United States of America has faced many hardships that affected a majority of the country. Such as The Great Depression, and the crash of 2008. One of many include the amount of jobs that have been lost due to various reasons. American´s have a hard working ethic, but the people must apply themselves. The ratio of how much someone works and the amount they get paid is not accurate. This is because of the Broken Basic Bargain, which is why the economy is the way that it is. This article stated that Americans are beginning to settle for lower paying jobs, or going without cost of living increases. The worst decade for American workers started in the year of 2001. ¨Republican governors and legislators are trying to pass so-called right-to-work laws banning employment contracts requiring employees to join a union and pay union dues,¨ claimed the article. America is in a never ending cycle at the moment due to the fact that lower incomes bean less demand for goods and services, which then means less wages in the …show more content…

The United States is a free country, but that is something that citizens had to work for and that we should continue to work for. The economy will continue to spiral downward if unemployed people do not want to work for a better outcome. Mike Rowe provided a personal story to say how everyone has a different work ethic, no matter what the job. He would experience others disgusting jobs, not only for entertainment, but to show viewers the hard work that it takes to make a living. The minimum wage is not something that people should depend on to survive, but the pay rate has not recovered though jobs have. "The Broken Basic Bargain¨ article focused on the facts and some downfalls of The United States. It starts as far back as when Henry Ford paid his workers five dollars an hour on an assembly line, until present

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