Broken Spears Summary

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The book, Broken Spears was an interesting reading that talked about the Spanish conquest of Tenochtitlan. Throughout the book, it becomes clear that the Spanish were successful in their conquest as a result of a number of factors.The Spanish were intimidating in appearance and in their weaponry. They had animals that the Aztecs had never seen before. They also formed alliances with rival tribes, like the Tlaxcaltecas tribe. Finally, one of the key reasons that the Spaniards were able to successfully conquer the Aztecs was due to the fact that Motecuhzoma himself, believed that Cortes and his men were gods. In regards appearance, the Spanish were essentially covered from head to toe in iron armor. Even the weapons they carried were covered in iron. The Aztecs were unaccustomed to the iron-clad individuals. In regards to weaponry, the Spanish were, even more, intimidating in the fact that they had cannons. The Aztecs describe the cannon to Motecuhzoma, "a thing like a ball of stone comes out of its entrails: it comes shooting sparks and raining fire...smoke that comes out of it has a pestilent odor. The odor penetrates even the brain and causes great discomfort" ( 30). For me personally, the only reason I can think of for Cortes to fire off a cannon was to show dominance over the Indians. For people who had never even heard of a cannon before, it is understandable that the Native Americans were fearful of Cortes and his men. Along with the iron-clad armor and weapons the

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