Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory

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Introduction As individuals we go through many processes and changes throughout our lives. With reference to Bronfenbrenner’s theory as well as our dimensions of development, we can see how these factors affect our upbringing. In this essay, these theories will be analysed with reference to the youth at risk in South Africa and the effect it has on them. Lifespan Approach This approach looks at the development of individuals from birth to death. That basically means that from the time of conception , change within the individuals begin to occur and we as individuals begin to change until the time of death (Boyd & Bee,2009).The main focus is based on the idea that an individual’s development is not completed during adulthood but it’s a process …show more content…

It depends on the persons environment, a person with a poor background is more likely to go into substance abuse. Substance abuse is also recognized with HIV. Female youth tend to go into depression whereas the male youth are reported to be sexually active thus increasing the likelihood of teen pregnancy, abortion and mental illnesses. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory This theory looks at the child’s development within the context of the system of relationships that form within the child’s environment. It is also known as the bio ecological theory because it focuses on how a child’s biology, Family and environment can affect their development and how it can also be affected if anything changes. Within the theory there are four systems: • Microsystem The microsystem encompasses the relationship an interactions a child has with his or her immediate surroundings (Berk, 2000). The relations could impact the child in two different ways; towards the child and away from the child. An example would be how a child’s friend could affect their behaviour and vice versa. • …show more content…

Traditional theories focus on the extent in which each role is played. This theory contrasts with Bronfenbrenner’s who believes one should not focus solely on their environment, but the quality and context of one.(Ryan,2017) He believes that as the child progresses. An n example would be Sipho and how his environment has changed but because of his relationships within the environment and community, he understands the risks, whereas because Themba lost his mum, it turned his environment into a negative one therefore allowing the individual to change in a negative

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