Brownsville Essay

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On our journey to Brownsville the first struggle we encountered was with transportation to get to Broadway Junction. Of course the MTA isn't always reliable but there were frequent stops in between stops. While waiting for the train to get up and running again various people said things like “ugh not again,” “Something always happens on the A” and other similar phrases as well as others that seemed accustomed to train issues. Now if you think about it, the A train is highly populated by Hispanics and Black people. Could this have to do with why the MTA hasn't attempted to fix their transit situation. On another note most of the trains heading toward Brooklyn and the Bronx have the older not modernized train carts than the ones heading toward Manhattan or Queens. Theres a huge change in atmosphere just in the manner of transportation. Aside from actual transportation, finally arriving to our destination the first thing you notice is people asking for a swipe to get inside the train in the first place.People have places to go no money to get inside the station to be able to go where needed. You need money to get money for the most part. Money that people need to strategically budget in order to survive in the…show more content…
There aren't many stores besides Bodegas, Barbershops, Weave stores, Laundrymatts or those places where they sell spiritual candles, figures and incense. I only noticed one big supermarket like the ones that I usually see in my neighborhood. The parks we passed by were mainly empty. There were a few older people just sitting down and conversing in not just sleeping on a park bench. There were heavy amounts of graffiti all over the place. One thing I found interesting was that there were a couple of shops who didn’t have a sign that said the name of the place or address so it was just painted on with a spray can the name of what the poster should have if they had
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