Bruce Dawe Analysis

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How often do we feel frustrated at how people are treated?
How many times do we feel stressed and stretched by the insane demands of the modern world (and what it expects of us).Ladies and gentlemen these questions can be confronted through the poetry of mid 19th century Australian Bruce Dawe as the concepts he explores sare universal relating to a wide audience throughout all time hence appealing to our contemporary audience today. Dawe’s poems “Enter so much without as knocking” and “Homecoming” explores the ideas of the bustle and stress of modern life, the intrusion of media which fragments our social relations the emotional trauma of family and the senseless nature of war through the dehumanization of soldiers.I am professor Jessica Galazzo of literature at the University of Canberra and I today present to you, the national library because i firmly believe that Dawe has made a powerful impact and strong connection to a contemporary audience.

Dawe's poem”Enter without so much as knocking” confronts us with bustles and stresses of modern day life many aspects of which, which corrupts our childhood innocence acknowledging Dawes powerful link to a contemporary audience. The turmoil of the persona during their birth and upbringing in the opening stanzas demonstrates the use of simple sentences which reflects the innocence of the child before the stresses of his life begin to take over. In beginning of the poem the use of imperatives “HOSPITAL

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