Bsbwor501 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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In regards to my current life stage, I am a young adult and almost all of my financial income is paid in wage from my occupation as a lifeguard. As I am not a parent of any kids, my financial expenses consist of paying for food, clothing, transportation, and school fees. Therefore, most of my expenses are centered around myself and focuses on future career plans to eventually increase my income as I will be able to attain a profession after acquiring a college education. Presently, I have not surrounded myself with assets because I have not acquired my college degree or decided upon a profession; as a result, I would not be able to search for appropriate assets.
At present, being a young adult has an impact on my financial thinking on behavior because I am focusing primarily on my career. For instance, without graduating from college, I will not be able have a higher wage occupation which will allow to me to focus on other life stages such as middle and older adulthood where expenses are higher and investments can be contracted for (Rachel Siegel and Carol Yacht, 2013, p. 11). Risk-taking is not of interest to me because I do not have a …show more content…

My middle adulthood plans are determined by how these plans are able to affect even later life stages but also maintain a healthy current state. In the current state of middle adulthood, I will pursue my career in the medical field; with this intention, I will have new expenses to pay such as food, shelter, and clothing for me and my family, property and other bills, health insurance, and transportation costs. Regarding future thinking, maintaining a budget and utilizing a savings account is critical to retirement plans as this will make the most out of investments and my monetary state (Jesse Campbell, 2015, p.

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