Bud Fox And Moore: Similarities Between Bud Fox And Jacob Moore

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30. Similarities between Bud Fox and Jacob Moore: • Both men had occupations in Wall Street. • Both men were in their youth during the time period of the movie – their inexperience contributed to their naivety which allowed them to be exploited by Gekko. • Both men find love throughout the movie. • Both individuals are ambitious, skilled, intelligent, white males. • Both men were mentored by Gekko, with regard to gaining a competitive advantage and being successful in the industry. • Both men trusted Gekko. • Both men were betrayed by Gekko. Gekko deceives Bud and wishes to purchase Blue Star to engage in asset stripping whilst deceiving Jacob and utilises the $100 million to establish a business, rather than invest in United Fusions. • Both …show more content…

On the basis that he quickly generates $1.1 billion coupled with the fact that his character barely changed. • Gekko is capable of holding grudges, as he informs Jacob that James informed the authorities about his unethical activities and thus he wishes to find proof that it was James, whilst ensuring that James is brought to justice for his own actions. • Gekko is certainly less vulgar and aggressive than he originally was, reacting in a calmer manner to bad news. • His focused has shift from being money orientated to time orientated. Believing that business is merely a game now, it is not about the profits, yet his actions to make money speak otherwise. • After leaving prison. Gekko’s reputation was heavily damaged, however, after establishing his new business in London, investors come to him as a result of respect. • The most obvious development is Gekko’s affection and sympathy for family. As time progressed, he became a better father as opposed to the way he treated Rudy. This may be as a result of Winnie blaming him for Rudy’s overdose and

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