Bud Not Buddy Character Analysis

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What if Bud, Not Buddy was written in the present? Bud, Not Buddy is a fictional, but very realistic, book. It's setting is in the 1930s. Bud is a young black boy who lost his mother at age six. He traveled on foot and by car from Flint, Michigan to Grand Rapids, Michigan. He thought a musician named Herman E. Calloway was his father, but actually Herman is his grandfather. Bud then grows up with his grandfather. Bud, Not Buddy would be different if written in the years near 2017 because people would have running water in their houses, there wouldn't be a depression going on, Bud wouldn't have gotten far before he was caught by the police, and he might have found his father. First of all, Bud, Not Buddy would be different if people had running water in their houses. For instance, in Chapter 2, Bud stays with the Amoses. He is surprised that they have running water. He wouldn't be surprised in the present. Also, in Chapter 2, Bud is confused at how to flush the toilet. He wouldn't be confused in the present. In the years near 2017, he wouldn't be surprised or confused, because running water and toilets in a house are as common as cars on a highway. Second of all, Bud, Not Buddy would be different because there wouldn't be a depression going on. It is a fact that, in Chapter 1, Bud stated that, " The way there're more and more kids coming into the Home, I had to make sure no one had run off with any of my things." If there wasn't a depression going on, then Bud wouldn't have

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