Buddhism Reflection Paper

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When I switched out of my other class and registered to take Buddhism I honestly did not know what to expect out of taking a world religion as a class course. But, of course thinking like a young college student I thought to myself “ Hey, why not a class like Buddhism just might be interesting to you and you always been open minded to learning about different religions anyways”. The whole idea of enlightenment being the primary goal of Buddhism was very interesting to me in the beginning of class. I also agreed with the saying that “ the “three poisons, “desire, hatred, and ignorance. These are the state of mind that motivate the performance of the non virtuous deeds that in turn produce suffering”( (Lopez, The story of Buddhism, p 46) because it relates to what goes on in the world and the generation today. In class Mr. Hayes used to turn the light on to represent that when you are following the path of the Buddha you are awakened and when the light was off you are in the dark or suffering.

“Buddhism as a religion to which ordinary people have turned over the centuries for the means to confront, control, or even escape the exigencies of life”(Lopez 14). Buddhism is a world religion that has been studied and carried across the world for many centuries.When it comes to the scholarly approach to studying Buddhism I learned that one must learn to be open minded , disciplined and patient because studying Buddhism can get a bit tricky. You must be open minded because Buddhism
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