Buddhism Reflection Paper

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Buddhism a religion that I have once myself been a part of. Even though I was not part of the Buddhism that is described in the textbook, I was part of one of the branches of Buddhism. It is called Nichiren Buddhism, which was first created in the 1250 CE. I was born into that religion and was practicing it until my family decided to leave it when I was 10. As such, I do have the desire to learn more about Buddhism and as such is the reason why the chapter on Buddhism attracted to me. By reading this chapter it gave me a whole understanding of its origins and how such a religion was created.
To start off, the creation of Buddhism happened around the same time that Mahavira is teaching the ways of the Jains (pg 136). The person who would become the first “Buddha” taught on how to cure earthly suffering. It was somewhat common to other religions as they all provided comfort to their following on the suffering that was happening to them in the world (pg 136). One thing I found quite interesting was how the Buddha taught Buddhism. He taught his followers that “by understanding how we create suffering for ourselves, we can become free.” This holds very true outside of Buddhism, as by seeing how one is affected by negativity and suffering one can put into action how to remove or change the situation.
The Buddha teaching reached far and wide and had touched almost every part of Asia. In some countries, Buddhism became a religion that dominated the region. As the religion spread,

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