Building A House Or A Building

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Building a family is, in many ways, similar to building a house or a building. It needs to be made of a strong material, like bricks, to protect the family. In addition, the building needs to have a good support material to keep the bricks from a falling out of places, like mortar or cement. Families have similar needs to make them work as well. The father figure is seen as the bricks because they are generally classified as the provider and protector of the family; the person to earn the paycheck and to keep them for starving. The mother figure is one to keep everyone together and take care of the children making sure they know how to behave. Members of today’s families fall less into these gender based roles but they still operate in much the same manner unless like one of the pillars of the family is absent. More commonly it is the mother who raises the family with the father being absent but in the case of my twin cousins’ family it is the mother who is absent and the father has to raise his children by himself. As he raised my cousins, he had to learn that his strong dominant ways were not always the best way to go about certain situations; it was trial and error for him to learn how to act as both a father and a mother.
My cousin Jakob’s wife, Minna, disappeared when their twin son and daughter, Rafael and Zelda, were nine years old; I was 10 at the time and was, and still am, very close to the twins. Minna, from my understanding, was not abducted and didn’t abandon
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