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Revision A building or home can be seen as a place of comfort where individuals feel safe, relaxed, and at peace, but structures aren’t as safe as they really seem. Throughout time natural disasters as the name say’s just happen naturally without warning, and because of this, building codes exist to help prevent the worst when one occurs. However even with all these codes structures just aren’t safe enough to withstand disasters. Changing the simple things like building codes could greatly impact how much more reinforced a building can be in the wake of a disaster. Current structures are not up to code, and should be re-evaluated because buildings are vulnerable in the event of a natural disaster. After a disaster occurs most buildings that …show more content…

Bridges are structures that become very susceptible as time passes. In Oregon there have been many bridges being identified to be seismic vulnerable. In an article by Ed Jahn, he sates, “nearly sixty percent of state-identified lifeline bridges likely to collapse or be potentially taken out of use after a quake” (Jahn). Bridges are a whole different story because they aren’t easy to be re-evaluated when they are used constantly by people to get around. The problem with many of these structures, though is that more than half of these bridges were built before 1970 (Jahn). Because of this they aren’t reinforced with new building codes making them highly vulnerable to any disaster to the point of collapsing. It isn’t an easy thing to fix the problems with a bridge because many seem stable but are still at great risk. It is known that “Today, they're still building fracture critical bridges with the belief that they're not going to break,” (Rosenker). Even when a bridge is being identified to see if it’s stable a lot of the time they are thought to be ok, but are really in a bad condition. Because they aren’t fully evaluated, and if a disaster were to hit in a certain location it could cause the bridge to …show more content…

Those would be masonry buildings. Many of them barely have any kind of support if a disaster were to happen. Masonry buildings are structures usually constructed from stone or bricks, and many are still around and used. During The San Simeon Earthquake many masonry building had been damaged extensively that they were almost fully demolished. It is widely known that “During Earthquakes unreinforced masonry buildings continue to be the most dangerous buildings in California. (FEMA). This is known to many to the point where a law was passed for a risk reduction in masonry building by changing the building codes. Many of the buildings didn’t get these codes because retrofitting had already started before they were enforced. Now Masonry buildings are getting re-evaluated in case of disaster because the materials used for these structures provide little safety in case of a natural

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