Buildings And Construction Of Asbestos Construction

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buildings with asbestos construction. There is a risk of respiratory diseases from inhaling dust and fumes, this can lead to fatal disease for employees, quite often these types of claims are latent where the health issue is not discovered under some time after the contact.
.Moving Machinery - Construction sites can become hectic with moving vehicles, machinery and lifting equipment often manoeuvring around a usually uneven ground. With large amounts of moving plant on site employees are at risk of being crushed or hit by machinery.
.Vibration white finger- This is an industrial disease triggered by prolonged use of vibratory power tools and is often irreversible.

(b) Explain how the five hazards identified above could be mitigated by the demolition contractor. (15)-750

.Working at Height- The Working at Height Regulations 2005 states a place is a height if a person could be injured falling from it, even if it is below ground level. If employees are working at height the condition/age and construction of the building need to be assessed to ensure that the building can withstand the weight of workmen, if this is not properly assessed there is a danger of employees falling through roofs and other sections of the building. Whilst working at height scaffolding is of a concern, it is vital that only suitable specialist scaffolding contractors are employed to ensure it is properly erected. With regards to falling objects it is important that site managers establish exclusion
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