Bulimia Nervosa Is An Eating Disorder

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Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that consists of the distortion on one’s body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight. It involves binge eating which is the rapid ingesting of large amounts of food, commonly followed by vomiting, fasting, or purging that is accompanied by depression. An individual with bulimia will attempt to avoid weight gain by vomiting or using laxatives, diuretics, or enemas. It is common to see a bulimic individual restrict their food intake or exercise excessively. The collective notion of a bulimic is that their self-worth and self-evaluation is strongly influenced by their weight or body shape. This disorder is not only mentally damaging but also takes a physical toll on the body. The physical …show more content…

While only that 2.6% are actually diagnosed as bulimic, up to 10% of women display symptoms of bulimia but do not meet the criteria to be diagnosed. Apart from the common misconception that only women develop eating disorders, it is reported that 10% of bulimics are males. I personally never gave any thought to males suffering from an eating disorder. I have always perceived that males with extra weight are more socially acceptable compared to women that carry extra weight, and that commonly men don’t view their image as defining to their value.
An interesting fact that I did not know is that 50% of individuals with an eating disorder abuse drugs and alcohol. It’s not shocking to me that bulimics would abuse drugs and alcohol, not only because it can be used as an escape from the world and themselves, but also because numerous drugs and alcohol effect appetite, usually in a negative way, aiding to weight loss. This disorder really is a never ending cycle. First the body distortion image develops, then the binge eating occurs, followed by guilt that leads to purging, vomiting, etc., which turns into depression that is commonly coped with through drugs, alcohol, or food, which in turn starts the cycle over again.
Like most disorders, having a good family and friend support group is important to overcoming or coping with bulimia. This became evident in this case study based off the fact that Amber felt unable to communicate

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