Bullied To Beautiful. Society Is Known For Holding Unrealistic

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Bullied to Beautiful Society is known for holding unrealistic expectations and the pressures put on women through gender roles and stereotyping. Marge Piercy’s “Barbie Doll” is no exception, “Barbie Doll” is the story of a young girl who try’s endlessly for society’s version of perfection, but she dies trying to reach the unrealistic expectations that she is being force fed. Marge Piercy published “Barbie Doll” in 1971, during the time of second-wave feminism. The history and dedication that many women contributed during this time affected the way our society is today. The feminist movement is largely related to Marge Piercy’s literature. The purpose of “Barbie Doll” is to display how society is the issue and never the person. Marge…show more content…
Many women wrote books and literature about what was going on and how they felt during this time including Kate Millett, Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Marge Piercy, and the list continues. These women and even men contributed to raising awareness for women and the rights they deserve during this time period. Marge Piercy spoke about inequalities, stereotypical behaviors, and women’s unhappiness in “Barbie Doll.” In past interviews with Marge Piercy she has talked about her passion for big topics she writes about including feminism, civil rights, women’s health and abortion, mental illness, love, freedom, violence, etc. Piercy concludes that she likes to acknowledge what is going on in society and what affects her directly. She believes in equality for all and that is the reason she makes such a big impact on our society though her literature (TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism.). Marge Piercy is someone young girls can look up to and aspire to be. “Barbie Doll” begins with the birth of a “girlchild” and all of the toys this child plays with. They are typical toys for girls to play with during this time. As the girl hits puberty, she begins to be bullied about her appearance, specifically her “big nose and fat legs.” She then was told to be “coy” and always wear a smile. Eventually she becomes worn out “like a fan belt,” so she cuts off her nose and legs and offers them up. As the girl lay in her casket, she has a “putty nose” put on. Everyone says how pretty she looks and

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