Bulls Persuasive Speech

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David is merely an accountant. He sits day after day surrounded by walls punching in numbers. He hardly even knows what he is doing, if you’re going to live your life by the calculator, at least be good at what you do right? “I am unsure if I can go on like this.” He says to the motivational cat poster on the wall. “My life is nothing but a blur of boring, a real anti-climatic black and white movie that has features no sound. Something needs to change, I need to experience danger.” Although it may appear that David is insane, spilling his feelings to a poster. There are a lot of people that may feel the same way. Where can one go to feel alive again? To feel the blood pumping through their veins as the pressure of adrenaline builds and builds until you explode with excitement. I have an idea, it’s time for you to take an adventure to Spain and run with the bulls. Adventure Showreel 2013…show more content…
An annual event in which a group of people run in front of about a dozen or so bulls in a sanctioned-off subset of a town’s streets. Believe it or not, this dangerous race actually has a very high participation rate and is extremely popular to witness among travelers. Bulls are beasts that can weigh up to 1,380 pounds; they are responsible for 15 deaths in the event since 1924. The adrenaline rush must be intense, as each runner has to cross an 875-yard course, that’s almost 9 football fields. Once you start, there is only one direction you can travel for behind are the raging bulls closing in quickly. The only way out is to safely finish the course or to hop over the walls on the
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