Bullying And Cyberbullying In Backlash By Sarah Darer Littman

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Lara Kelly was a victim of cyberbullying. Many middle and high schoolers hear all the time about cyberbullying and not to do it, but the book Backlash really puts the issue into a harsh perspective for its readers. Sarah Darer Littman has written many books, including Backlash, which deals with a lot of issues we face today. Backlash starts off with one of the major characters, Sydney. She is waiting for her sister, Lara, to be out of the bathroom so she can shower when she realizes Lara has taken a lot longer than she should and opens the bathroom door to find her passed out with a major amount of pill bottles around her. This leads into a whirlwind of trying to find out why Lara tried to commit suicide and what led to the incident that …show more content…

Secondly, in the book, Backlash, there is a major focus on the issue of bullying. Bullying is a very prevalent issue in today’s society and Backlash is shown in multiple ways. A main instance of bullyinging in the book is expectations Breanna’s mom had of her and then bullied her into following them. Bree (Breanna)’s mom wanted her to do everything she had done in highschool and even things she hadn’t done just so her mom could have some part in them. This happened in the cheer team 7When asked about creating Christian DeWitt’s profile by the police Bree was told by her mother not to tell the police anything about it she decided to go against her mother’s wishes. Her mother’s response when finding out Bree didn’t do what she wanted her to, “‘Can’t I trust you to do anything right, Breanna?’ Mom says in a voice as cold as her anger is hot, completely unmoved by my tears. I’m used to disappointing my mother. It feels like I’ve done it all my life. And I realize in that moment that maybe I am as stupid as she always tells me. Because deep down, I’d had this small shred of hope, some sick, deluded fantasy, that she’d say I did the right thing by telling the truth” (Littman). This is a horrible example of what a mother should be/do. First to

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