Bullying In The United States

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Bullying is progressively seen as a enormous problem in the United States and around the world and unfortunately for many, numerous research has started to prove that its consequences are real and can have long lasting impact for both victim and those who love them. Throughout or society Homosexuality is deemed unfavorable in religious and cultural circles of people in the United States. Thus providing those to be outcast and making them even more of targets for the hostility of others. Bullying it its own right has consequences that are far reaching especially for those in the LGBT community.
Bullying by its definition is the unwelcomed, unwanted, hostile behavior among school aged children and adolescents that involves a preconceived notion …show more content…

Physically being bullied frequently involves some sort of physical assault or attack, or can also consist of having one's personal belonging destroyed, tampered or stolen. Verbal bullying comes from the usual form of name calling that may be done due to a person's gender make up, sexual orientation, religious, age, or race. Due to the increase availability of technology indirect bullying is one of the most widespread types of bullying. It is usually the kind of bullying that countless people may do without even knowing so. Indirect bullying is the distribution falsely stories and rumors about an individual without the person knowing so, as well as the deliberate exclusion from social groups and gatherings. A current major issue, cyber bullying can also fall into the grouping of indirect bullying, but also includes bullying that is done with the use of any electronic device such as, email, text messaging, pictures through the use of text or email, message boards, websites, blogs, and even …show more content…

And about 30 percent of all accomplished suicides have been linked in some way to a sexual identity crisis problem. Children and young adults who also fall into the gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgendered identity groups report being five times as more likely to miss or neglect school for the reason that they feel insecure and nervous after being bullied due to their sexual orientation and preference. About 28 percent of the youths in the LGBT community feel forced to stop going to school

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