Bullying Persuasive Essay

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A common occurrence for many attending schools for what has been a considerably long amount of time is bullying, a venomous word associated with anguish and misery. It is quite unnerving when considering the vast amount of negatively that occurs in our network of school systems. For the most part, many people, both students and teachers, try their best to put an end to this problem, but it always has the ability to stick around and haunt yet more and more students. There are many preventative measures to end this plague, and there are fortunately many ways to initiate these methods to get rid of bullies.
When solving a math equation, both sides from the equal sign must be considered. This application can be similarly used when looking at a bullying situation. While the victim is the target now, there is more often than not a reason or drive for someone to be inflicting pain upon another. In other words, people usually do not hurt another person just for the sake of it. Think of any villain in the media or cartoons. They always have some tragic backstory to accompany their evil plans of whatever current scheme they are engaged in. The same is for a bully. They can be from a neglectful home or have abusive parents. They could even have been in the situation where they were bullied, finding that swapping the roles gives them the better feel of power. Therefore, bullying prevention should be focused on preventing bullies from developing and helping to reform the ones that

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