Bullying in Social Networks

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Bullying in Social Networks Bullying in Social Networks “Technology, it seems has unleashed an ugliness in us.” (Pitts, 2010, p. 8A.) With all the technology around us, one would assume that it should be used for good. However, people today are using social networks such Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Skype, Youtube and many more, not only as a way to keep in contact with people but as a way to attack people. Technology has evolved into this great thing where, one all can keep in touch with family members or high school friends from the past or the present. I have used some of these social networks to keep in touch with my own family members and peers. It’s simple, one basically goes to the site of the social network…show more content…
We need to use what we have and use it to strengthen and help others not weaken and knock down our fellow citizen. Sadly, many people use networking for viscous deeds. If one knows that he is easily offended, it might be better to not even open an account with a networking site. Yet if one does, it would be wise to limit it to close friends and family as protection from this harsh society. Perhaps, sticking to old fashioned phone calls, letter writing and going to visit that individual that you want to keep in contact with. I remember back when I was in elementary school during lunch one spring day. I recall walking into the cafeteria, and my friends waved me down to come join them. I took cuts in line because I wanted to be with them and catch up on all the latest gossip. I managed to get in line without the lunch lady seeing me. I began talking with my friends, when this snooty girl looked at me and said, “What do you think you’re doing?” I ignored her because I simply didn’t care. I continued chatting with the girls until, I get shoved by this girl as she scolded me. Being a strong willed child, I had told her to “shut up and leave me alone” and returned to talking. The girl proceeded to grab me and said, “Look, I’ll get my big brothers to kill you and burn you!” She immediately had my attention at “kill and burn.” I was scared to death of the girl. I was only in the second or third grade when this had occurred. The girl
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