Is Social Media A Blessing?

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Is Social Media a Blessing? The use of Social media has flourished to a great extent in today’s world. It has played a significant role by providing a platform for people to connect, communicate, share ideas and so on. Facebook, twitter, Instagram are some of the most common social networking sites that usually intrigue us. The day is not far where everyone in this world will have a Facebook account one day. We obviously know the benefits are derived from the use of social media, but have you ever thought that it can also lead you to a serious threat? I personally liked social networking until I found that it advocates laziness by wasting my precious time. Indeed, I was just thinking about this today and how awesome it was a decade ago when friends would call me just to say hi. Nowadays, it seems everything that is posted is like my junk mail full of advertisements and borrowed quotes. I came to realize that Social Media is actually not secure these days. You’ll be surprised how the evolution of technology has had an adverse effect on this growing society. So, is social media really a blessing? On my journey to explore whether social media is a blessing or a curse, I ended up with several dramatic consequences. As Scott Brickman, in the article, “the advancement of the communication media,” points out “the boon in lights of the technology.” He proves that Social networking has become a necessary part of our communication culture that cannot be disregarded easily. He also
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