Business-2-Business vs Business-2-Consumer

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Business-2 Business
Charletta Key
EBUS 400 – E-Business
Mark L. Schlam, M.S.
June 22, 2006
Business-2-Business VS Business-2-Consumer
Just about every business today has a web site. Weather they are doing business with other businesses or selling directly to the public, a business today needs to have a web site. This paper will discuss Business-2 Business (B2B), Business-2-Consumer (B2C). The paper will look at the marketing concept, and the similarities and differences of brick-and-mortar and eBusiness. Every business, rather online or at a physical site, falls in one of the following categories.
A Comparison of Business-2-Business and Business-2-Consumer
B2B and B2C are very similar, in fact, "B2B
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These firms make up the largest group of B2C companies today. There are two types of online intermediaries: brokers and infomediaries.
Brokers - A broker is a company that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. =Types of Brokers:=
Buy/Sell Fulfillment A corporation that helps consumers place buy and sell orders, like eTrade or Smith Barney. The difference between these two companies is the eTrade is a completely online service and Smith Barney is a physical company and was around before the internet became a way of life.
Virtual Mall - A company that helps consumers buy from a variety of stores, like Yahoo! Stores. is a store where you can shop till you drop and never leave the house. They offer everything you can imagine and more.
Metamediary - A firm that offers customers access to a variety of stores and provides them with transaction services, such as financial services. Example: or Both of these websites offer a host of services to the consumer to allow for assistance and easy bookings of hotel, airfare, and other travel arrangements needed for the perfect vacation. Another source of services is "ImproveNet". This is a service website that displays various contractors so that the consumer may find a contractor for that improvement project on their home. These contractors have been "prescreened to create the most effective, comprehensive and targeted internet marketing solution for residential

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